Friday, June 01, 2012

Wow, I'm a bad blogger. I have to do much better with this. I'll just post an update, that way at least I will have written something new. I'm living in Toronto right now work on my ThD (soon to be PhD) in homiletics at Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto. The family consists of Sharie and I, Kate who is 7 as I write this, C.J. who is 15.5 months old, and Sammy (our nephew) who is 12. We live right next door to the elementary school the kids attend. They love it. We attend the Milliken Wesleyan Methodist Church. It's a Wesleyan church that decided to keep methodist in their name because people might more readily relate to that name in the greater Toronto area. The whole family love the church and are happy to find a church where we feel we belong and can also contribute. The subject of my doctoral work is a Wesleyan Holiness homiletic. Right now I'm working on papers about John Wesley's preaching and theology but will also be studying the distinctives of the holiness message as it relates to preaching. I think this is a timely focus in my own the denomination and our sister denominations.

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