Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spiderman 3 - Minor spoiler alert

Okay, now for some real important earth-shattering stuff: Spiderman 3. I'm a big fan of superhero movies and Spiderman has been one of my favorites. I thought I'd write my review of the movie since I finally got a chance to see it yesterday. Bottom line — I liked it. I don't think it was as good a movie as the first two Spidey flicks but it was fun.

Bad points:
1. It did move a little slow at times
2. Kirsten Dunst
3. Kirsten Dunst sings twice
4. Kirsten Dunst
5. Kirsten Dunst
6. The scenes where Peter Parker was showing his dark side and disco dancing on the streets were overdone
7. Kirsten Dunst
8. Maybe too many story line arcs
9. Kirsten Dunst
10. Kirsten Dunst sings twice

Good points:
1. Visual effects were amazing
2. Venom was cool, I would have liked to see him more though
3. I liked Thomas Haden Church as the Sandman. He simply was good in the part. Some people think that maybe the movie didn't even need the Sandman character as a story line arc but hey, he was there and he was good.

The main thing I liked, and this is probably because I am a Christian, are the themes of forgiveness and redemption in the movie. Harry Osborne forgives Peter in the end and is redeemed by his sacrifice for his friend. The Sandman asks for forgiveness and Peter Parker gives it to him. That scene was very powerful and it was very cool how Tobey Mcguire protrayed the heavy weight of his hatred and unforgiveness being lifted.

Maybe I wouldn't have liked it as much if I wasn't a Christian, I don't know. But it was a good movie to me. I recommend it.

P.S. I've heard some people in online reviews complaining about the butler, Bernard. They wonder where he came from all of a sudden. Go back and watch the first two movies, he was there. He didn't have a large part but he was there, even the same actor.

P.P.S. This probably doesn't come across above but I'm not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst. ;->

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I'm sitting here looking out the window and a bald eagle flies overhead. How cool is that? That doesn't happen rarely at Crooked Lake in Curran, MI either. The other day my two year old daughter and I were outside and she points up and says, "Birdy!" You guessed it, our national symbol flew over low enough to hear the wind whistling through its feathers.

Sharie, Kate, and I move out to South Hamilton, Massachusetts in late August so I can attend seminary full time. I am looking forward to it a lot but I'm going to miss living up north in Michigan too. We plan to come back here for the summers while I'm in school and we'll probably retire up here someday but I'm going to miss the day to day of living here.

We were only supposed to live up here for about four months total before going out to Gordon Conwell but it ended up that it'll be a year. It has been a blessing, to say the least. We have enjoyed nature and been able to bond with our daughter in ways that we never would have been able to if we had entered into the seminary rat race right away.

Father knows best, huh? I'm glad!