Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Treading water

It's been way to long since I've posted. Our lives have changed so much in the last two months. We moved to South Hamilton, Massachusetts and I started seminary full time at Gordon Conwell. I love it but it is more difficult than I ever imagined. Why is it hard? One word, GREEK! It's really tough for me. I'm getting it and I don't worry about passing the class (most of the time) but it takes a huge amount of time and focus to keep up. On top of that there is the reading for the other classes, plus family time on top of that. I'm not complaining, it is my dream to be here. It's just that I'm working to keep my head above water right now. Someday I hope to get caught up and then post here more often.


Nathan said...

Hey Mark,
Been there.

Greg said...

Hey Mark,
Noticed you commented on Keith Drury Blog about no longer pastoring. My biggest problem with big churches was pastors keep moving. I am involved in a small church now we do the same thing that I got paid for in a big church, children's worship, children's choir, mid week club etc..and I enjoy it. I had a really bad time at my last church which was a small dying one and I am so glad to be over the problems. I can identify with the whole going back to school thing. I am finishing my Master in Education and have to do comps in April. Did n't know how to write you . Have a wonderful day. By the way I had all but forgetten that I had a a blog guess I had better get busy.

Anonymous said...

Can you blog about your "life" juggling school + family? I'm entering seminary in the fall, and that is one of my biggest concerns.

How late do you really stay up? How much sleep do you really get each night?

And Greek....how much time do you study for this 1 course outside of class each day/week?